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15 May 2011 @ 03:19 pm
A few orders of business!  
First of all, the icons for jelly_head91 , who won my help_japan  auction are finally done! (So sorry that this took so long!)

Secondly, I started a graphics community! (That's where you can find the auction icons) It's called maddventures , and I guess that this is kind of a ridiculous time to start a comm, since I'm leaving for the summer in nine days (eek!). But I think I've been friended by a few people for my graphics (I don't actually know, since they haven't commented), and rather than lock up every single post, I figured I'd just create a comm where people can watch if they're interested, or not if they're not, and then they don't get boring stuff about my personal life. :)

Of course, that means that my posts here are either going to become either extremely trivial, or almost nonexistent. We'll see how this goes. :)

And, just a dose of real life: I am officially finished with my freshman year of college as of yesterday. Good gracious, where did the time go?! I feel like I was just moving in a few months ago (yeah, like nine). This year has been amazing. I have been incredibly blessed with awesome friends, great teachers, and good classes. Leaving everyone for three and a half months was a little hard, and then when I think about leaving my family in a few days, it feels like my life has been/is going to be just one long goodbye for a week or two (wunderkind_lucy !! Thank you so much for the sweet note with the v-gift!! ♥). At least I'll see some of my friends from school in a week and a half. That made saying goodbye a bit easier. :) 

Oh, and I gave into the pressures of the universe and made a tumblr. It's actually been a lot of text me moping about leaving for a little while, rather than any cool graphicy things, but eh, I have to have one more place to stay away from until I see the new Doctor Who episodes. (Which is fansmashtic by the way! Rory, why so awesome?! And Matt Smith, such a dork. *draws little hearts all over this show*)

Obviously, I am not good at keeping things to an ordered numbered layout. But that about wraps it up.
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